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Stay focused

In Codyson's 20 years, there have been twists and turns, but it is still 19 years focused on the development and production of ultrasound. 

 Over the years, there have been many temptations and impulses, but they have been suppressed by the insistence of reason

 In the ultrasound industry, Codyson now produces more than 1m units a year, with a global reach and a distant catch-up, while customs data show global exports

 Leading; third-party Certification Bodies Product Record number, the number of patents are far ahead.

Details win

 German punctuality, Japanese obsession, the reality of the United States, in the international arena, if a point, than the professional and meticulous.

 For 20 years, Codyson studied details, especially the training of personnel and the production of products.

 Through more than 28 exhibitions a year, during the joint exhibition with colleagues, by highlighting the accuracy of product details, win respect, win orders.

Innovation Leads

 At the beginning of a business, we know that without the core technology, there is no future.

 After 20 years of efforts, we now have 119 patents, including 22 international patents, 20 utility model patents and 4 invention patents.

 In 2019, Shenzhen Codyson Electric won the National High-tech Enterprise.

Industry advantage

 The first 18 years, the ultrasonic cleaning technology has a deep research and understanding, nearly 2 years, in the field of wine aging has a new breakthrough.

 Ultrasonic cleaning involves jewelry, glasses, medical oral cavity, bullet and other industries.

 Codyson advantage: Do not belong to a single industry, take advantage of the total number of products in multiple industries, complete automation, production, with a global landscape, gradually gain the leading edge in a single industry.

 The current number of products is 53, all have independent intellectual property rights.

Fast execution

 In the face of a prolonged trade war and rising costs, what else can we do but upgrade technology? 

 Some people ask: Why every single has profit, to the end of the year, "profit" but disappeared.

 Customer acceptance of the price produced "Mori, " but "pure profit" is the key to survival and development.

 Fast execution is the core competency of Mori's transformation into pure profit.




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